Mystery Shirt ! Every 5th shirt FREE

Only $6.99 + $3.99 shipping!!

Hey so we've got your interest. Now what the F is a mystery shirt? This shirt once thought to bestow the wearer with mystical powers is now known to the layman as a random t-shirt.

You will receive a shirt from our current or discontinued inventory (NOT a second hand or poor quality t-shirt).

Thats not all ! !
Since you have all shown us SOO much love over the months, we are going to give you a shirt On The House (yes that means FREE) to every 5th customer that buys a mystery shirt.

So what are you waiting for? Who doesn't want to solve this crazy mystery?

*If you receive a free shirt, please post something in the comment box below on how ecstatic you are.

Teediculous Tees are designed and created in house and printed on high quality shirts in the United States. 100% China Free.

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Mystery Shirt ! Every 5th shirt FREE
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User Comments

Lloyd from Illinois said on 2-17-11 8:56:48 PM:
Im so excited! I just shit myself !

Kerry from Florida said on 9-12-10 11:11:32 PM:
Suweeeet! ! !

Tim from Arizona said on 4-7-10 6:56:27 AM:
Thanks for my free shirt !

Andrew from California said on 1-26-10 7:28:01 PM:
Just got a free shirt ! Thanks Teediculous ! !

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